Soldiers in Afghanistan mountains

Immediate U.S. action is essential to save our endangered Afghan friends — before it’s too late

BY: - June 28, 2021

Editor’s note: This guest column was originally published in The Hill on May 19. President Joe Biden and White House officials on Thursday said they plan to evacuate Afghans who worked with the U.S. military in Afghanistan and could be targeted by the Taliban as the U.S. withdraws military from the country. “Those who helped […]

A school bus arrives at Boise school

Idaho must find ways to pay school support staff competitive wages — before it’s too late

BY: - June 24, 2021

As our country and our state emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, a disconnect between available jobs and workers willing to accept poverty level compensation is hitting home. Potential steps forward for many workers in retail and other private sector fields could threaten school districts’ ability to recruit and retain vital support staff workers who will […]

Mike Mansfield with President Harry Truman

Mike Mansfield, the Saturday Night Massacre and rubber chicken in Idaho

BY: - June 20, 2021

When the United States Senate recently failed to end a Republican filibuster and consider creation of an independent commission to investigate the details of the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, it was just the latest example of how profound partisanship frequently paralyzes even the most reasonable – and broadly supported – […]

Bungalow court in the North End of Boise

As cities, counties change zoning codes, let’s consider how ‘lovably nonconforming’ housing may help

BY: - June 18, 2021

I have a special place in my heart for a type of buildings that might best be called, “Lovably Nonconforming.”  These are buildings that wonderfully add to the fabric of our neighborhoods — and likely could not be built under today’s zoning codes.  When we talk about how to preserve neighborhood character and create amazing […]

China outlined on a globe

Optics of G-7 meeting shows America is stronger when it works with its global allies

BY: - June 16, 2021

The optics of the G-7 meeting are encouraging. President Joe Biden was warmly received by our closest allies, and plans were laid to forge a joint strategy to confront China, our principal geopolitical adversary. The U.S. has dropped its go-it-alone policy and returned to its post-WWII alliance-based strategy of supporting democracies and opposing tyrannical regimes. […]

University of Idaho WWAMI building in Moscow

I’d love to settle down in Idaho. The Legislature advocating for more residencies, fellowships could help.

BY: - June 7, 2021

According to Psychiatry News, there are five psychiatrists per 100,000 people in Idaho. The nearest adult psychiatrist is an hour’s drive away, while the nearest child psychiatrist is about three hours away. This is a problem, and rural communities in Idaho and other Western states deserve high quality health care, including mental health care. Idaho […]

Boise State campus

Idaho pursues that most elusive quarry — critical race theory

BY: - June 3, 2021

Idaho politicians have been doggedly engaged of late in a quest to find and defeat a cunning and elusive adversary —critical race theory. Republican legislators spent weeks this past session, trying without success to define it, then just gave up and prohibited its presence in public school classrooms. Much like the chimeric Sasquatch, they could […]

Sen. Jim Woodward

‘Enough is enough.’ Why far-right, anti-education policies don’t represent the Republican Party.

BY: - June 2, 2021

Who are these people? Where did they come from?   Now, most of our new citizens that have immigrated to our beautiful North Idaho are not the subject of this writing. Only a few of them who believe and have self-anointed themselves as our saviors are being discussed here.  When did they decide to take […]

University of Idaho ICCU arena

U of I’s new arena features mass timber for innovative, sustainable design

BY: - June 1, 2021

I grew up on the family farm in Kansas where, walking the property’s fence line as a boy with my dog, I began to appreciate the beauty of our natural world. It’s been a long journey from that farm in Kansas to the dean’s office of the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho. And […]

Grandpa looking a historic photos in Chesterfield

This Memorial Day, let’s take time to ask our elders about our Idaho past

BY: - May 28, 2021

The dream came to him in 1977. But now, 44 years later almost to the day, Gary Hatch can still recall its most minor of details, down to the views of flowing hills and agriculture fields as far as the eye could see.  They came back to Chesterfield, Idaho, as old people, he and his […]

Sen. Joseph McCarthy

The sad, dangerous line from McCarthy to McGeachin

BY: - May 26, 2021

On Thursday, Idaho will see its very own McCarthy hearings begin with the first meeting of Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin’s Indoctrination Task Force. One might argue that the name of the committee is a political blunder because it sounds like a task force that is focused on indoctrinating Idaho’s students, but since that is actually […]

A house for sale in the North End of Boise.

As affordability crisis worsens, let’s make sure women are included in housing solutions

BY: - May 19, 2021

The choice of staying in a home that isn’t safe or braving the streets is one that no one should have to make, but it is one that women in our community face daily. This is one reason I believe that we need to encourage the diversity of housing and increase the number of homes […]