Pat Shanks

Pat Shanks

W. C. Pat Shanks is a emeritus research geochemist at the U.S. Geological Survey, Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. He uses fluid geochemical analyses, geochemical reaction modeling, stable isotope studies and mineralogical/chemical studies to understand the evolution of hydrothermal solutions, hydrothermal alteration of host rocks and deposition of mineral deposits.

Yellowstone Lake

Sediment clues reveal Yellowstone Lake experienced hydrothermal explosions over last 13,000 years

By: and - August 10, 2022

Northern and western Yellowstone Lake is within the Yellowstone Caldera, sometimes dubbed Yellowstone’s supervolcano, and covers the magma chamber deep beneath the surface. This results in extremely active lake-bottom hydrothermal areas with very high heat flow values, multiple large (more than 330 feet in diameter) hydrothermal explosion craters, dozens of hydrothermal domes and hundreds of active […]