Patrick Spoutz

Patrick Spoutz

Patrick Spoutz is a pharmacoeconomist and formulary manager with the Veterans Affairs Administration. He is passionate about housing issues and advocates for policies that will help people affordably live where they would like to live. He lives with his family in Boise. Spoutz is part of a group of Boise-based writers and housing advocates who collaborate and write regular columns appearing in the Idaho Capital Sun about issues related to affordability in Idaho and beyond.

Bungalow court in the North End of Boise

As cities, counties change zoning codes, let’s consider how ‘lovably nonconforming’ housing may help

By: - June 18, 2021

I have a special place in my heart for a type of buildings that might best be called, “Lovably Nonconforming.”  These are buildings that wonderfully add to the fabric of our neighborhoods — and likely could not be built under today’s zoning codes.  When we talk about how to preserve neighborhood character and create amazing […]