Mitch Cutter

Mitch Cutter

Mitch Cutter works on the Idaho Conservation League’s Salmon and Steelhead campaign, which aims to bring wild salmon and steelhead back to abundance in Idaho. Cutter believes trends in economics and Northwest energy markets create an opportunity to save salmon and steelhead, harness market forces to address regional energy and agricultural needs, and support local economies in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

salmon in a stream

After 30 years of endangered listing for Chinook, it’s time to bring back the Kings of Idaho

By: - May 20, 2022

Idaho’s wild salmon and steelhead are in trouble — and have been for quite some time. Just last month, iconic Snake River spring and summer Chinook salmon passed a grim milestone – 30 years on the endangered species list. Their 1992 listing came after more than a century of habitat degradation, overharvest and dam construction […]