Kelcie Moseley-Morris

Kelcie Moseley-Morris

Kelcie Moseley-Morris is an award-winning journalist who has covered many topics across Idaho since 2011. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Idaho and a master’s degree in public administration from Boise State University. Moseley-Morris started her journalism career at the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, followed by the Lewiston Tribune and the Idaho Press.

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Idaho college censors portions of art exhibit for discussing abortion

By: - March 7, 2023

Artists whose work was scheduled to be displayed at Lewis-Clark State College for an exhibition called “Unconditional Care” say their First Amendment rights were violated after the college censored parts of the show related to abortion. The college, which is located in Lewiston and serves close to 4,000 students, cited Idaho’s No Public Funds for […]

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Wyoming Legislature passes bills to ban medication abortion and exempt abortion as health care

By: - March 4, 2023

Wyoming legislators approved two bills related to abortion this week, including a ban on medication abortion and a bill stating abortion is not health care, as a means of skirting the Wyoming Constitution in a court challenge to its abortion ban. Voters in Wyoming approved adding a new section to the state’s constitution in 2012 […]

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Idaho AG: No need to keep protecting ER doctors from abortion prosecutions

By: - February 13, 2023

Deputies from Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador’s office filed a new brief in U.S. District Court with new arguments that take into consideration the Idaho Supreme Court’s ruling on the state’s abortion laws.  The Attorney General’s Office also asked the federal judge presiding over the case to again reconsider a preliminary injunction against the abortion […]

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Eastern Idaho senator presents restricted driver’s license bill for undocumented residents

By: - February 10, 2023

A proposal to create a restricted driver’s license for Idaho residents who do not have a Social Security number in the United States was introduced in the Senate State Affairs Committee on Friday by Sen. Jim Guthrie, R-McCammon. Guthrie told the committee Senate Bill 1081 follows a resolution that passed the Idaho Senate in 2021 […]

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Proposed legislation would extend Medicaid coverage for Idaho children, postpartum women

By: - February 10, 2023

The Idaho House Health and Welfare Committee introduced a bill Friday that would increase income eligibility limits for the Children’s Health Insurance program and expand Medicaid coverage for postpartum women from the current 60 days to 12 months. House Bill 122 is sponsored by Rep. Megan Blanksma, R-Hammett, and was partly crafted by the nonprofit […]

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Bill to create full voter guide for Idaho elections introduced by Secretary of State’s office

By: - February 10, 2023

Idaho Secretary of State Phil McGrane said his highest budget priority for his office this fiscal year is the development and funding for a statewide voter guide to be distributed prior to an election. The Senate State Affairs Committee printed a bill Friday morning that would help him accomplish that goal. McGrane said the funding […]

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Idaho Senate prints bill to prohibit sex ed, including on orientation or gender identity, before fifth grade

By: - February 10, 2023

A bill that would prohibit all school personnel or third parties from any type of instruction related to human sexuality, sexual orientation or gender identity before the fifth grade was introduced in the Senate Education Committee on Thursday. Senate Bill 1071, sponsored by Sen. Ben Toews, R-Coeur d’Alene, is a short piece of legislation that […]

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Competing property tax relief bill using sales tax revenue introduced in Idaho Senate

By: - February 9, 2023

The Senate Local Government and Taxation Committee introduced a bill Thursday to address rising property taxes in Idaho by dedicating 4.5% of the state’s annual sales tax revenue to homeowners for property tax relief on a primary residence. The bill, which has not yet received a bill number, is sponsored by Sen. C. Scott Grow, […]

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Bill requiring ‘reasonable’ rental fees clears Idaho Senate committee

By: - February 8, 2023

A new law that would require fees imposed on residential tenants to be reasonable and in an amount that is no greater than what was agreed to in a rental contract passed out of committee for amendments in the Idaho Senate on Wednesday. The members of the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee agreed to send […]

Idaho Senate approves bill exempting public works contractors from gender considerations

By: - February 8, 2023

A bill exempting state public works contractors from requirements to provide access to non-gendered multi-use restroom or locker facilities on job sites easily passed the Idaho Senate on Wednesday in a 28-7 vote. Senate Bill 1016 is sponsored by Sen. Scott Herndon, R-Sagle, and would allow projects that are funded only by state or local funding […]

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New bill would criminalize ‘trafficking of minors’ to receive abortions in or outside of Idaho

By: - February 7, 2023

A bill that would add the act of transporting, recruiting or harboring minors to seek an abortion to Idaho’s criminal human trafficking law was introduced in the House State Affairs Committee on Tuesday by Rep. Barbara Ehardt, R-Idaho Falls. The bill also gives Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador the authority and “sole discretion” to prosecute […]

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Parental rights notification bill introduced in Idaho Senate committee

By: - February 6, 2023

A bill that would require parents to be informed of their legal rights in a child protection investigation was introduced in the Idaho Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee on Monday. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Scott Herndon, R-Sagle, is an updated version of House Bill 170, which passed the Idaho House of Representatives in 2019 […]