John Micek

John Micek

A three-decade veteran of the news business, John L. Micek is the editor-in-chief of the Pennsylvania Capital-Star, the Idaho Capital Sun's sister publication in Pennsylvania. An award-winning political reporter, Micek’s career has taken him from small town meetings and Chicago City Hall to Congress and the Pennsylvania Capitol. His weekly column on U.S. politics is syndicated to 800 newspapers nationwide by Cagle Syndicate. 

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards

Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards reminds us what heroism looks like

By: - June 13, 2022

Every Republican who’s ever denied, or tried to minimize, the hideously destructive reality of the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, should be required to sit and listen to the testimony of Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards. And if it takes strapping them into a chair, and propping their eyelids open, “A […]

U.S. map

Four more children dead, and a nation shrugs. Is enough finally enough now?

By: - December 6, 2021

Families in Michigan will set an empty place at the table this holiday season in the wake of the mass shooting at Oxford High School in southeast Michigan that left four children dead and seven more injured. The deaths at Oxford this week came a little more than two weeks before the ninth anniversary of the […]