Betsy Ladyzhets

Betsy Ladyzhets

Betsy Ladyzhets is a senior journalism fellow at the Documenting COVID-19 project. She's a science, health, and data journalist focused on COVID-19; her work has appeared in Science News, MIT Technology Review, the COVID Tracking Project, and other outlets.

Photo from inside a helicopter that is landing at a UW hospital

Idaho COVID-19 surge drove patient transfers, strained out-of-state hospitals, new data shows

By: and - March 16, 2022

Last fall, Idaho was one of a handful of states that went into emergency “crisis standards of care” to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The federal government-backed designation allowed hard-hit states to limit the number of patients in its overwhelmed hospitals and, in some extreme cases, ration care based on how sick people were. Idaho […]